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Table 2 List of in-hospital emergency equipment, procedures and medications surveyed

From: State of emergency medicine in Azerbaijan

Equipment Procedures Medications
Bag-valve mask manual ventilator Nebulizer Abdominal paracentesis Intraosseous access Analgesia Sodium bicarbonate
Blood pressure monitor Non-invasive pulse oxygen monitor Anterior nasal packing Intubation NSAID, IV IV therapy
Cardio-respiratory monitors Ophthalmoscope/otoscope Arthrocentesis Joint reduction NSAID, oral Aminophylline
Defibrillator Oxygen: tank Blood transfusion Lumbar puncture Opioid, IV Antibiotics, IV
Electrical back-up generator Oxygen: wall unit Burr holes Nerve block Opioid, oral Antiemetics
Fire extinguisher Portable ultrasound Cardiac pacing Naso-gastric tube placement Cardiac Dextrose 50%
Glucometer Portable X-ray Cardioversion Pericardiocentesis Adenosine H2 blocker
Intravenous flow pump Resuscitation supply cart Central venous access Peritoneal lavage Amiodarone Isotonic solution, 0.9% normal saline
Laryngoscope Sphygmomanometer Craniotomy Portable X-ray Aspirin Naloxone
Mechanical respiratory ventilator Stethoscope Cricothyroidotomy Posterior nasal packing Atropine Proton pump inhibitor
  Suction unit Defibrillation Respiratory support (CPAP, BiPAP) Beta-blocker Ringers lactate
  Warming blanket ECG Slit lamp exam Calcium chloride Steroids
   Emergency ultrasound Splint application Calcium channel blocker Anesthesia
   Foley catheterization Suprapubic catheter Dopamine Diazepam
   Glucose testing Thoracocentesis Epinephrine (1:1,000 or 1:10,000) Etomidate
   Intracranial pressure monitoring Thoracostomy Furosemide Ketamine
    Thoracotomy Heparin Propofol
    Thrombolysis Isoproterenol Succinylcholine
    Tonometry Lidocaine Vecuronium
     Magnesium Nebulizers
     Nitrates, IV Albuterol
     Nitrates, oral Ipratropium bromide
  1. ECG, electrocardiogram; CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation; NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory; IV, intravenous; CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure; BiPAP, bi-level positive airway pressure