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Table 1 Questionnaire information

From: Intubation practice patterns in Tuscan emergency departments

  Summary of data
N %
Surveys administered 153  
Surveys completed 143 93.4%
MDs working in ED 91 63.6%
MDs from ambulance service 52 36.3%
ED doctors that intubate in their ED 67 (out of 91) 73.6%
Of those that intubate:   
Use of paralytics 33 49.3%
Sedation 132 92.3%
 Midazolam 45 59.7%
 Propofol 31 46.3%
 Fentanyl 14 20.9%
Methods of confirmation   
 Direct visualization 65 97%
 Auscultation of breath sounds 67 100%
 CO2 detector 8 11.9%
Post intubation   
 Nasogastric tube placement 39 58.2%
 Chest radiograph 34 50.7%
Questionnaire administered (translated from the Italian)
Place of work: Ambulance or hospital
Do you intubate Yes/no  
Do you use sedation Yes/no  
If yes, what medications   
Do you use paralytics Yes/no  
If yes, which paralytics   
For ET tube placement confirmation do you:  
Auscultate Yes/no  
Directly visualize The cords yes/no  
Use CO2 detector Yes/no  
Routinely place an NGT post intubation   Yes/no
Routinely obtain a post intubation radiograph   Yes/no