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Table 1 Chief complaint, major and subcategories

From: ED chief complaint categories for a medical student curriculum

Major category Subcategory
Pain Ear pain
Pain Jaw pain
Pain Dental pain
Pain Headache or migraine
Pain Neck or shoulder or upper extremity pain
Pain Knee pain
Pain Hip or lower extremity pain
Pain Foot pain
Pain Chest or side pain
Pain Abdominal pain
Pain Back pain
Pain General muscle or joint pain
Injury Animal exposure concerning for rabies
Injury Insect bite or sting
Injury Blunt force injury to head or neck
Injury Blunt force injury to trunk
Injury Blunt force injury to arm or shoulder
Injury Blunt force injury to wrist or hand
Injury Blunt force injury to leg or hip
Injury Blunt force injury to ankle or foot
Injury Fall
Injury Low-speed collision
Injury Minor burn
Injury Puncture wound
Injury Laceration to face or scalp
Injury Laceration to upper extremity
Injury Laceration to lower extremity
Injury Wound or incision complication
Injury Wound or infection follow-up
Infection Abscess
Infection Dermatitis suspicious for infection
Infection Fever
Infection Pharyngitis symptoms
Infection Respiratory infection symptoms
Infection Urinary tract infection or gynaecological symptoms
Psychiatric Alcohol or drug problem without suicidal ideation
Psychiatric Depression without suicidal ideation or substance abuse
Psychiatric Suicidal ideation/attempt or homicidal ideation
Psychiatric Other mental health issue
Miscellaneous Allergic reaction
Miscellaneous Dizziness or vertigo
Miscellaneous Masses or lumps
Miscellaneous Nausea/vomiting/diarrhoea/constipation/rectal bleeding
Miscellaneous Swelling of an extremity
Miscellaneous Swelling of the face
Miscellaneous Syncope
Miscellaneous Epistaxis
Miscellaneous Transplant
Miscellaneous Medication refill
Miscellaneous Hardware problem
Nurse only visit