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Table 2 Median differences between needle sticks, redirects, and time to dye flash

From: Do echo-enhanced needles improve time to cannulate in a model of short-axis ultrasound-guided vascular access for a group of mostly inexperienced ultrasound users?

  n Mediana 25th, 75th percentile p valueb
Stick diff. 69 0.00 0.00, 0.00 0.99
Redir. diff. 69 0.00 -1.00, 0.00 0.35
Time diff. 69 2.06 -9.22, 14.50 0.35
  1. aMedian of the difference between echo and standard (calculated by echo−standard). Thus, positive numbers correspond to higher echo values and negative values indicate higher standard values
  2. bp value from Wilcoxon rank sum test, testing the median difference (echo−standard) = 0