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Table 2 Emergency types identified as treatable in emergency departments in Singapore ( n = 14, 100% response rate)

From: National inventory of emergency departments in Singapore

Emergency Type Example of emergency Percentage of EDs able to treat 24/7 (%)
Medical-Oncology Fever and neutropenia 100%
Medical-Other Urinary tract infection, acute asthma 100%
Urological Kidney stone 100%
Surgical-General Acute appendicitis, pneumothorax 100%
Medical-Cardiology Arrhythmia, acute myocardial infarction 92%
Trauma Motor vehicle crash, gun shot wound 92%
Ear, Nose, Throat Severe epistaxis 92%
Ophthalmological Acute glaucoma, eye injury 92%
Toxicological Overdose, carbon monoxide poisoning 92%
Surgical-Hand Tendon injury 92%
Surgical-Orthopaedic Long bone fractures 92%
Neurological and Neurosurgical Acute thromboembolic stroke, intracranial haemorrhage 84%
Gynaecological Ruptured ovarian cyst, yeast infection 84%
Surgical-Plastic Severe lip laceration 84%
Obstetrical Complications of pregnancy 77%
Psychiatric Psychosis 77%
Dental Tooth extraction 69%
Surgical-Oral maxillofacial Jaw fracture, oral abscess 62%
  1. Note: All 14 hospitals answered 100% of the survey questions completely. There were no instances of any questions in the survey being left unanswered.