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Table 1 Analysis of the questionnaire survey data

From: Misplaced links in the chain of survival due to an incorrect manual for the emergency call at public facilities


Ideal response

Q1. Does your facility have any manual or rule book covering serious medical emergencies in which a person (resident, visitor) becomes unresponsive or his or her physical condition abruptly deteriorates?


Answer: “Yes” or “No”


If you answered “Yes” to Q1, please answer Q2 and select one of the items

If you answered “No” to Q1, please answer Q3 and select one of the items

Q2. What is the first action that a staff member is required to take for the medical emergency?

Call first immediately

Q3. How should staff members act in the medical emergency?

1. Call 119 first

1. Call 119 first and then examine the victim in detail

2. First examine the victim in detail and then call 119

3. Report the situation and then follow the instructions of a supervisor or medical staff member

4. Immediately initiate CPR or other treatment for the patient and then call 119 if necessary.

5. Other action (please specify).

Q4. Does a medical doctor or nurse work every day at your facility? Please choose from the following answers:

1. Works every day

1. Works every day

2. Works part of the day

3. Does not work at our facility.

4. Other (please specify).

Q5. Does your facility periodically provide basic life support courses?


Q6. Does your facility have an automated external defibrillator (AED)?


Q7. Does your facility consult family members regarding what actions to take in the event of a serious medical emergency?