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Table 3 Table of contents for CFR introduction guidelines

From: Introduction of the community first responder system into Japan: is that possible?

CFR introduction criteria
 1. Criteria
 2. Flow for introduction
 3. Definition of community first responder
Introduction of CFR
 1. CFR recruitment
 2. Requirement for certification
 3. Responding area
 4. Responding calls
 5. Calls for not responding
 6. Patient care at the scene
 7. CFR call triage
 8. Information delivery for CFR
 9. Responding options
 10. Tasks after ambulance crew arrival
Preparation for CFR introduction
 1. Flow of preparation
 2. CFR candidate
 3. Cooperation of local EMS and authority
 4. Preparation of CFR equipment
 5. Preparation at dispatch center
 6. Preparation of the budget
 7. CFR education (initial and continuous)
Indemnity and insurance
Operation after introduced