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Table 4 Trainings for a communications officer prior to deployment

From: Preparing for effective communications during disasters: lessons from a World Health Organization quality improvement project

Recommendations N(Percent)
Communications 12 (46%)
 Designing a crisis communications strategy  
 How to manage and coordinate an emergency communications team  
 Presentation and media spokesperson skills 7 (27%)
 Humanizing statistics for a general audience  
 Simulation in a rapidly evolving, high-stress environment  
Disaster standards and guidelines 7 (27%)
 Sphere Handbook  
 UN and health cluster structure  
Public health 8 (31%)
 Epidemiology, basic statistics  
 Types of disasters and their health consequences  
 Myths and realities of health during a disaster  
Personal effectiveness 6 (23%)
 Basic life support and first aid  
 Security precautions  
 Coping with stress  
IT 3 (12%)
 How to use a satellite phone  
 Establishing phone and internet connections in remote locations