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Table 1 Weather conditions during the two time periods (Weather Station, The Hague)

From: Fracture prevalence during an unusual period of snow and ice in the Netherlands

  Snow and ice period Control period
(Jan 14th–Jan 23rd2013) (Jan 16th–Jan 25th2012)
Lowest daily mean temperature −5.2°C (Jan 17th) 1.9°C (Jan 16th)
Highest daily mean temperature −1.3°C (Jan 21st) 8.2°C (Jan 21st)
Lowest daily minimum temperature −8.6°C (Jan 17th) −0.4°C (Jan 16th)
Highest daily minimum temperature −2.8°C (Jan 15th) 6.3°C (Jan 22nd)
Lowest daily maximum temperature −3.6°C (Jan 17th) 5.4°C (Jan 16th)
Highest daily maximum temperature 3.0°C (Jan 16th) 10.3°C (Jan 22)