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Table 1 Guiding questions, in English, for semi-structured interviews

From: Perspectives of South American physicians hosting foreign rotators in emergency medicine

  Questions for Latin American staff
1 Describe your experience working with physicians from the U.S.
2 What are the benefits of having U.S. physicians work in your hospital? Detriments?
3 Do you plan to train in another country in the future? If so, please describe these plans.
4 How does your residency program support international educational opportunities for residents?
5 Does your program host residents/physicians from foreign countries? If so, please describe these programs.
6 Describe what international residents do at your institution. What are their responsibilities?
7 What are the benefits from hosting international residents?
8 What are the barriers/difficulties?
9 What do you believe to be the importance of international educational experiences in EM residency training today?
10 What are your plans for future international educational exchanges?
11 With whom else should I talk to about these issues?