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Table 4 Challenges to hosts participating in international educational exchanges

From: Perspectives of South American physicians hosting foreign rotators in emergency medicine

Challenge Quotations from interviews
Language proficiency ‘The more you can speak Spanish, the more you can participate with interviewing patients and the medical team’.
Lack of reciprocity ‘It would be invaluable for our residents to visit the U.S. to understand where we are, where we could be, where we have to go, and how we have to improve but to do so requires finding a residency program to work with and the necessary finances’.
Length of stay ‘They should stay more than a few weeks to better know the hospital, the people, the culture, the city’.
Level of training ‘Rotators should come later in residency. When you travel abroad you should not seek to learn how to practice medicine, but instead learn how medicine is practiced in another country’.
  1. ‘Challenges’ theme quotations from in-person interviews with South American physicians working in Emergency Departments hosting Emergency Medicine residents and other foreign rotators (total interviews = 24).