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Table 2 Dominant reasons for self-referred patients for visiting the Emergency Department

From: Self-referred patients at the Emergency Department: patient characteristics, motivations, and willingness to make a copayment

  Percentage Number
Patients’ assumption that medical care was needed that a GP cannot provide (e.g., X-ray, blood tests) 28 120
Patient was already under specialist care at the study hospital 17 74
There was no GP/GP-cooperative nearby 16 69
Patient could get help earlier at the ED 15 63
The ED was located nearby 11 49
Patient was not registered with a GP 11 48
Patient could not reach the GP/GP-cooperative 7 32
The location of the GP-cooperative was unknown 5 23
Previous negative experience with the GP/GP-cooperative 4 18
Patient had no faith/trust in the GP 3 14
On the advice of others 3 13
Patient perceived the complaint was urgent 2 8
  1. Respondents (n = 436) could give more than one answer.