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Table 1 Representative student responses to open-ended questions of flipped classroom survey

From: Creating a contemporary clerkship curriculum: the flipped classroom model in emergency medicine

What did you like about this format? What didn’t you like about this format?
Interactive. Case presentations we worked through Students competing to get thoughts in can be distracting.
It was presented like how we would see patients in the ED and it emphasized the not-so-clear decision patients that can be encountered Online videos were useful review but did not go in-depth for new learning
Interactive; good thinking process for tough clinical situations The discussion is a bit of a free-for-all. For those who do not like talking over others, this is a challenging format
I felt that it was much easier to learn actively instead of passively Seems like we hit the major learning points, but not sure - variable experience depending on group
High quality chalk-talk style lectures, and then the in-class interactive portion allows us to apply & solidify what I just learned It’s harder for everyone to be able to participate equally especially if you are a quiet person
Puts in mindset of clinical approach. Helps clarify factors going into decision-making Sometimes I know the answers and you have to deal with others putting out weird recommendations
The case application and discussion following the online learning/review I wish the videos were a little more advanced, much of the information I already felt familiar with
Learning from others is more effective and engaging than lecture; there is more freedom/comfort to ask questions A little slower than traditional content
Spending my own time learning the basics and having time to apply the concepts and info Hard to follow everything we’d done in each case at times. Pre-classroom work needed to be more advanced
Closer to real decision-making, time to discuss/debate/clarify knowledge and misconceptions Sometimes a little rushed with more advanced topics, but felt comfortable checking in/asking questions