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Table 1 Attributes of the ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia procedure

From: Emergency physician-performed ultrasound-guided nerve blocks in proximal femoral fractures provide safe and effective pain relief: a prospective observational study in The Netherlands

Attribute Score—1 Score—10
 (Dis)comfort experienced during the procedure Very uncomfortable Not uncomfortable at all
 Would like to undergo a similar procedure in the future Would like it never again Would like it again
Emergency physician   
 Ease of procedure Very difficult Very easy
 Success of procedure itself regardless of the effect Did not succeed at all Very successful procedure
 Visibility of anatomical structures on ultrasound Hard to recognize Easy to recognize
 Spread of local anesthetic on ultrasound Bad spread Good spread
 Subjective added value of procedure to patient care No added value Absolute added value to patient care
  1. These attributes were to be reported by the patients and self-reported emergency physicians on a 1–10 numeric rating scale