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Table 1 Factors and underlying influences that affect the career choices of medical students

From: Factors influencing medical students’ choice of emergency medicine as a career specialty—a descriptive study of Saudi medical students

Medical lifestyle Acceptable on-call schedule
Research interest
Acceptable hours of practice
Flexibility inside of medicine
Flexibility outside of medicine
Keep options open
Short postgraduate training
Less intense residency program
Social orientation Patient population is interesting
Focus on patients in community
Long-term patient relationship
Social commitment
Health promotion is important
Able to spend appropriate time with my family
Prestige High income potential
Status among colleagues
Stable/secure future
Hospital orientation Focus on in-hospital care
Focus on urgent care
Focus on non-urgent care
Intervention results immediate
Don’t like uncertainty
Prefer medical to social problems
Role model Good match to career
Emulate physician
Meaningful past experience
Experiences in health fields during medical school
Experiences with role models during medical school
Varied scope of practice Wide variety of patient problems
Narrower variety of patient problems
  1. For each factor, the average of the Likert scores for items in that factor was computed. Analysis of variance was then used to compare factor scores according to career choice