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Table 3 Interview schedule

From: A qualitative study of the determinants of adherence to NICE falls guideline in managing older fallers attending an emergency department

Job role:

 1) Tell me about your job role.

 2) What is your role with regards to emergency department care?

Context of the emergency department:

 1) How do you find working within the emergency department?—asked in order to gain a general description with regards to any time pressure, etc.

 2) Is there anything that you would change with regards to how care is managed in the emergency department?—potential barriers or enablers.

 3) Do you think/in what ways do you think working within the emergency department context influences care?—as opposed to an inpatient ward, for example.

Guidelines generally:

1) NICE guidelines are developed to promote good health and patient care. How are guidelines followed within the emergency department?

NICE Falls guideline:

 1) What is your role with regards to the management of falls in older adults?

 2) Specific to falls in older adult guideline, what are the processes that you understand should be in place in emergency department care?

 3) Do you think these falls guidelines are always put in place?

 4) From your experience/opinion, what facilitates putting these falls guidelines into practice in emergency department care?

 5) Do you think there are any barriers to following the falls guideline with older adult patients?-if yes:

 - What are the barriers you have experienced/witnessed?

Final points:

 1) Have you got any other points you wish to add to this discussion of the management of falls in older adults within the emergency department?