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Table 1 Results of arterial blood gas analysis and blood tests on arrival

From: Idarucizumab for a traumatic head injury patient taking dabigatran

Arterial blood gas findings Blood test findings
pH 7.462 PT 30%
PaO2 242 mmHg aPTT 94.9 s
PaCO2 33.7 mmHg FDP D-dimer 12.8 μg/mL
Base excess 0.4 mmol/L Hb 12.3 g/dL
Lactate 13 mg/dL Platelets 199 × 103/μL
   Blood urea nitrogen 24 mg/dL
   Serum creatinine 1.2 mg/dL
   Creatinine clearance 47 mL/min