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Fig. 4

From: Differences in initial electrocardiographic findings between ST-elevation myocardial infarction due to left main trunk and left anterior descending artery lesions

Fig. 4

ST-segment deviation in precordial leads. Quantitative ST-segment deviation in precordial leads (V1–6) is shown for the LMT, pLAD, and dLAD groups. Elevated ST-segment is shown in leads V1–3 in the LMT group and in leads V1–5 in the pLAD and dLAD groups. The magnitude of ST-segment elevation in leads V2–V5 is significantly higher in the pLAD group than in the LMT group. ST-segment elevation in leads V2–3 is notable among the precordial leads in all three groups. While ST-level gradually decreased to 0 mV for lead V6 in the pLAD and dLAD groups, it became negative in leads V5–6 in the LMT group

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