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Table 1 Final panel scores

From: Developing an emergency medicine handoff tool: an electronic Delphi approach

DomainElementRound 2Round 3Round 4
Nonclinical patient informationPatient identification (combination of name, age, and medical record number)9.121.399.
Eligibility for treatment or insurance status5.723.094.922.634.72.56
Clinical patient informationAmbulatory or chair/bed bound6.202.755.602.105.31.82
Code status8.402.457.562.457.52.33
Chief complaint history9.680.759.800.509.80.50
Relevant past history8.921.758.601.198.61.23
Home medications6.642.666.002.425.82.30
Vital signs8.801.878.201.788.01.88
Physical exam findings8.761.568.241.428.21.33
Working diagnosis9.560.969.
Clinical stability (e.g., stable, borderline, or unstable)9.640.769.400.969.20.97
Emergency department courseSummary of the results of investigations9.281.908.522.188.42.16
Investigations ordered but pending8.722.
Treatments given9.401.159.041.409.01.29
Changes in condition in the ED9.361.528.721.818.42.06
Consulting services involved9.440.929.480.779.40.77
Likely disposition plan (home, admission or consultation)8.761.678.441.648.51.48
Alternate plan (when changes in condition, the results or discussion with consultants are likely to alter the original plan)7.442.356.802.146.82.06
Identify parts of the plan that need to be completed by the incoming team8.601.947.801.898.01.58
What has been discussed with the patient or their family?7.562.757.
Identify patients who is being handed over but need to be seen as a new patient (e.g., incomplete assessment or challenging presentation)9.441.089.241.309.21.35
Emergency department statusIdentify high-risk patients who may have been referred to other services or are still waiting to be seen9.081.788.641.938.81.61
Identify patients who require isolation8.881.998.522.148.52.14
Conflicts with patients or families7.642.536.682.326.62.24
Conflicts or delays with consulting services8.522.087.882.057.81.55
Waiting status (number of patients, waiting time and acuity)6.842.796.682.297.01.99
Beds status (e.g., boarding, isolation, and critical care beds)7.682.517.442.187.41.80
Patients expected to arrive via ambulances or referred from clinics or other facilities7.882.337.
Shortages in medications, equipment, or supplies7.443.256.803.076.72.88
Shortages in staffing7.842.877.562.527.42.48
  1. SD standard deviation