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Table 1 Descriptive data of participants

From: The influence of past experiences on future willingness to perform bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation

(n = 6248)
 Missing data110.2
Age group
 below 20 years old318751.0
 21–30 years old233637.4
 31–40  years old4697.5
 41–50 years old1572.5
 51–60 years old671.1
 above 60 years old110.2
 Missing data210.3
 Professional/technical works4026.4
 Administrative and clerical work1382.2
 Armed forces150.2
 Elementary occupations50.1
 Plant and machine operators40.1
 Service and sales sector621.0
 Skilled agricultural370.6
 Missing data5979.7
Highest education level
 No formal education120.2
 Post-secondary (diploma, certificate, etc.)179428.7
Member of any medical nongovernmental organizations (NGO)?
 Missing data1312.1