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Table 2 Pre- and post-test diagnoses

From: Impact of bedside lung ultrasound on physician clinical decision-making in an emergency department in Nepal

Pre-test diagnosisPost-test diagnosisN
Change in diagnosis 124 (44.3%)
 PneumoniaNo pneumonia: viral or other febrile illness58
 COPDHeart failure4
 Enteric feverPneumonia2
 Heart failureCOPD2
 Heart failurePneumonia5
 Viral respiratory illnessPneumonia3
 Pleural effusionPneumonia4
 Pleural effusionNormal1
 Pulmonary contusionNormal2
No change in diagnosis 156 (55.7%)
 Heart failureHeart failure12
 Viral respiratory illnessViral respiratory illness12
 End stage renal disease/fluid overloadEnd stage renal disease/fluid overload2
 Pleural effusionPleural effusion1