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Table 2 Reported positive attitudes towards CPR training among medical students and junior doctors

From: Knowledge of and attitudes towards cardiopulmonary resuscitation among junior doctors and medical students in Upper Egypt: cross-sectional study

QuestionJunior doctors # (%)Medical students # (%)
BLS training is necessary57 (95.0)88 (61.1)
BLS workshop46 (76.7)118 (81.4)
BLS should be part of curriculum50 (83.3)113 (77.9)
Undergraduates should do CPR whenever possible47 (78.3)125 (86.2)
If I knew CPR well, I wouldn’t hesitate to perform CPR50 (83.3)98 (67.6)
I would like to transfer my CPR knowledge to colleagues48 (80.0)116 (80.0)
I think my university is able to provide CPR training19 (31.7)16 (11.0)