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Table 1 Screening and full-text article inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: A scoping review of worldwide studies evaluating the effects of prehospital time on trauma outcomes

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Trauma-focused study or report No hospital outcomes (morbidity or mortality outcomes)
Time (as a covariate, key exposure, or outcome) Electrocution injuries
EMS-focused study* Drowning injuries
Full text articles available Focus on special populations (e.g., pediatrics, OB, incarcerated, psychiatric)
Adult patients Field terminations (deceased on scene and not transported by EMS)
Published within the past 10 years Case studies (or studies N < 50)
Articles written in English Meta-analyses, systematic reviews, editorials, letters, and opinion pieces
  Abstract only, no full manuscript published
  1. *Evidenced by EMS data, including vitals, transport modality, treatments, and/or transport time