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Table 1 Summary list of possible vital sign and physical exam findings seen in adults after cannabis use

From: The emergency department care of the cannabis and synthetic cannabinoid patient: a narrative review

Heart rate: cannabis can cause tachycardia, possibly due to increasing the sympathetic nervous system, vagal inhibition or vasodilation causing reflex tachycardia [17,18,19,20,21,22,23].a
Blood pressure: cannabis can cause hypertension but may lead to orthostatic hypotension by causing peripheral vasodilation [17, 18, 20, 24].
Respiratory rate: cannabis may cause tachypnea [25].b
Temperature: cannabis may cause hypothermia [17, 18].
Eyes: conjunctival injection, diminished tears. There are case reports of blurry vision and nystagmus [17, 26, 27]c
Mouth: dry mouth [17]
Respiratory: bronchodilation [17, 22, 27, 28]d
Neurologic: slurred speech, disattention, decreased concentration, motor delay, ataxia, weakness, heightened sensation, drowsiness [17, 27, 29, 30]e
Psychiatric%: euphoria/dysphoria, anxiety/anxiolysis, confusion, hallucinations, exacerbation of psychotic states, sleep [17, 30]
  1. aFor pediatric patients, tachycardia has more commonly been reported but bradycardia has additionally been observed [31]
  2. bFor pediatric patients, hypoventilation may be seen [31]
  3. cFor pediatric patients, dilated pupils are commonly reported but midpoint and pinpoint are also reported [31]
  4. dFor pediatric patients, respiratory depression and hypoventilation have been reported [31]
  5. eFor pediatric patients, seizures, lethargy, hypotonia, and altered mental status have been reported [31]
  6. % The psychoactive properties of cannabis were the main focus of early research [32]