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Table 2 Strategies employed during the second wave of COVID-19 infections

From: The next wave: key adaptations to operational workflows of National Screening Centre (Singapore) and the emergency department during the COVID-19 pandemic

  New Trends Challenges Strategies
Patient demographic • Surge in number of COVID-19 cases among foreign workers • Inadequate physical distancing in crowded dormitories • Purpose-built community isolation facilities to relieve access block in hospitals
• Swab and hold - patients are only discharged after a negative swab test result
Disease presentation • Asymptomatic carriers or patients with mild symptoms • Reliable identification of high risk patients using traditional triage tools • Tightened triage criteria
• Enhanced pneumonia surveillance
Healthcare resources • Significant surge in patient admissions
• Disruption to global supply chains
• Shortage in medical supplies, e.g. commonly used drugs in resuscitation room or ICUs • Guidance provided by ED critical care workgroup on alternative options