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Table 1 MI-EMSIS analysis variables. Eighteen variables were chosen based on their clinical significance, relevance to public health, and importance for evaluating EMS quality. The table below displays their types, descriptions, and criteria for being determined missing and/or invalid.

From: Data missingness in the Michigan NEMSIS (MI-EMSIS) dataset: a mixed-methods study

Variable type Variable Description Missing and/or invalid criteria
Demographics Age Age of patient Blank or value less than 0 or greater than 115
Gender Gender of patient Blank or not applicable, not available, not recorded, not reported
Race Race/ethnicity of patient Blank or not applicable or not available or not recorded or not reported
Location Patient’s Home Zip Zip code of patient residence Blank or more or less than 5 digits, or any alphanumeric characters
Incident Zip Code Zip code of incident location Blank or more or less than 5 digits, or any alphanumeric characters
Destination Name Name of patient’s destination facility Blank
Destination Code Type of destination Blank
Clinical Narrative Chief Complaint Narrative Provider’s narrative of patient’s chief complaint Blank
Provider Primary Impression Provider’s primary impression narrative Blank
Medication Allergies Patient’s reported medication allergies Blank
Medical Surgical History Patient’s medical/surgical history Blank
Current Medication Name Patient’s current medications Blank
Vital Signs SBP Patient’s systolic
blood pressure
Blank or alphanumeric or anything other than two or three digits
DBP Patient’s diastolic
blood pressure
Blank or alphanumeric or anything other two or three digits
Pulse Rate Patient’s pulse rate Blank or alphanumeric or, greater than 300, or less than 5
Pulse Oximetry Patient’s pulse oximetry Blank or negative or less than two digits or greater than 100 or with decimal points
Respiratory Rate Patient’s respiratory rate Blank or more than two digits or alphanumeric characters are invalid
Body Temperature Patient’s body temperature Blank is missing, negative is invalid, less than two digits is invalid