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Table 1 Description of the four different gowns

From: Personal protective equipment and doffing procedures in out-of-hospital practice: assessment with a contamination simulation

  Surgical Gowns (1) Full body coverall (2) Self-made alternative (3) Non Surgical isolation gowns (4)
Description Surgical disposable scrub
Surgical Gowns
Full Body coverall excepting face Surgical disposable scrub
Self-made PPE
Surgical disposable scrub
Non surgical isolation Gowns
Opening & Doffing sides Backside Front side Front side Backside
Covered area Gown with a scoop neck and covering down to lower legs Full body including head, except face, hands and feet Gown with a scoop neck and covering down to ankles Neck to knee
Ties - 1 bow at the waist
- 1 scratch at the back of the neck
- 1 front zipper from neck to pelvic area
- 1 adhesive tape to stick on top
- 1 pre-cut adhesive tape to stick on the front - 1 belt with a back knot
- 1 tie around the neck
Manufacturer Bloc Opératoire Non Tissé GROUP’HYGIEN® Tyvek®  Dupont Not Applicable MEDICOM®
Reference Commercial product meeting European standards EN13795 Commercial product compliant with ASTM F1670 & F1671 standards Non-commercial made with polyane (60 micron polyethylene) Commercial product conforming to ASTM D6978 standards
  1. Description of the 4 different gowns including opening and doffing sides, covered areas, securing mechanism, the manufacturer/commercial availability, and the descriptive picture. The rest of the personal protective equipment included 2 pairs of latex gloves, 1 Visor eyewear, 1 N95 facemask, 1 cotton sweatshirt and pants as underclothing, and personal shoes