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Table 4 Suggestions to improve bystander CPR rate in the community

From: Public attitudes towards cardiopulmonary resuscitation training and performance in Singapore

S/No Suggestion Frequency
1 Increase number and frequency of public awareness activities 1830
2 Promote CPR for all through various public and private institutions 515
3 Make CPR courses free to the public 486
4 Implement CPR training in all schools 316
5 Have CPR courses easily accessible, such as at community centers 287
6 Have Good Samaritan Laws to help the rescuer 50
7 Have training equipment easily available to the public 48
8 Have AEDs available in more areas in the country 38
9 Provide face-shields to all participants of CPR courses for their keeping 27
10 Raise the profile of successful CPR done by public bystanders 22
11 Others 279