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Table 3 Most common themes in residents’ opinions about the usefulness of formative OSCEs

From: The use of a formative OSCE to prepare emergency medicine residents for summative OSCEs: a mixed-methods cohort study

Response Residents (n = 46)
Positive responses
 Helps familiarise residents with the examination 24 (52.1%)
 Good opportunity to practise examination skills 18 (39.1%)
 Helps residents identify their strengths and weaknesses 9 (19.6%)
 Feedback given by faculty was helpful 8 (17.4%)
 Enables residents to assess their readiness to take the summative OSCE 7 (15.2%)
 Aids faculty in monitoring residents’ progress 2 (4.3%)
Negative response
 Not useful for residents who have not prepared for the examination 3 (6.5%)