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TableĀ 6 Failed emergency department airways

From: The difficult airway in the emergency department

Case no. Diagnosis No. attempts Personnel Reasons Outcome
1 Chronic renal failure with acute pulmonary oedema 3 EM, AN Obesity, small mouth, anterior larynx Admitted, dialysis
2 Cardiac arrest 1 EM Small mouth Died
3 Cardiac arrest 6 EM, AN Neck scarring, oedematous airway, secretions Died
4 Pneumonia 6 EM, AN, GS Subglottic stenosis Tracheostomy in OT
5 Cardiac arrest 6 EM, AN Anterior larynx, grade 4 Died
6 Cardiac arrest 1 EM Small mouth, rigor Died
7 Cardiac arrest 3 EM Anterior larynx Died
  1. EM emergency medicine, AN anaesthesia, GS general surgery, OT operating theatre