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Upcoming conferences

AUSTRAUMA 2009. Trauma, Critical Care & Emergency Surgery

Sydney, Australia

13th–14th February 2009

International Conference on Trauma Management, Critical Care and Prevention

Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

16th–17th February 2009

International Stroke Conference 2009

San Diego, California, USA

17th–20th February, 2009

2009 International Disaster Management Conference

Orlando, Florida, USA

19th–22nd February, 2009

8th Annual Emergency Management Conference

Wellington, New Zealand

23rd–24th February 2009

10th Annual Scientific Meeting – SEMS (Society for Emergency Medicine in Singapore)


27th–28th February, 2009

15th Annual AAEM Scientific Assembly

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

2nd–4th March, 2009

Trauma 2009

2009 Combined ATS (Australasian Trauma Society) and TAC (Trauma Association of Canada) Annual Scientific Meeting

Auckland, New Zealand

5th–7th March, 2009

CORD 2009 Annual Academic Assembly

Las Vegas, Nevada,USA

5th–7th March, 2009

7th Annual Mount Sinai Global Health Conference

International Development and Aid: Controversies and Successes

Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, New York, USA

7th March, 2009


Dr. George Ayittey: prominent Ghanaian economist, activist, and author of Africa Unchained: The Blueprint for Africa’s Future

Dr. Ron Waldman: founding director of Program on Forced Migration and Health at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health and technical advisor at US Agency for International Development

Dr. Alexander Preker: Lead Economist at World Bank for West Africa

5th Asia Pacific Conference Against Stroke – APCAS

Pasig City, Philippines

12th–15th March, 2008

2nd International Emergency Medicine & Disaster Management Conference

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

17th–19th March, 2009

Emergency Medicine 2009

London, UK

16th–18th March 2009

29th International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine

Brussels, Belgium

24th–28th March, 2009

College of Emergency Medicine (UK) Scientific Assembly Spring 2009

Brighton, UK

20th–22nd April 2009

2009 Annual Meeting American Academy of Neurology

Seattle, Washington, USA

25th April–2nd May 2009

16th World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

12th–15th May 2009

EuroTrauma 2009 – 10th European Congress of Trauma & Emergency Surgery

Antalya, Turkey

13th–17th May, 2009

2009 SAEM (Society for Academic Emergency Medicine) Annual Meeting

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

14th–17th May, 2009

Asian Conference of Emergency Medicine 2009

New Vision of Emergency Medicine in Asia: Challenge, Creation, and Collaboration

Busan, Korea

16th–19th May, 2009

18th European Stroke Conference (ESC)

Stockholm, Sweden

26th–29th May 2009

CAEP (Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians)’09

Moving Mountains

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

6th–10th June, 2009

MTBI 2009 – An International Conference on Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

12th–15th August, 2009

WINFOCUS 2009 – 5th World Congress on Ultrasound in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

Sydney, Australia

4th–6th September, 2009

The Fifth Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress (MEMC V)

Valencia, Spain

14th–17th September, 2009

College of Emergency Medicine (UK) Scientific Assembly Autumn 2009

Imperial College, London, UK

16th–18th September 2009

Disaster Management 2009

New Forest, UK

23rd–25th September 2009

American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Scientific Assembly 2009

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

5th–8th October, 2009

International Trauma Life Support – International Trauma Conference

Guanajuato, Mexico

6th–9th November, 2009

Resuscitation Science Symposium

Orlando, Florida, USA

14th–18th November 2009

EMCON 2009 – 11th Annual International Conference of Society for Emergency Medicine in India

Guwahati, Assam, India

18th–22nd November 2009

Emergency Medicine in the Developing World

Cape Town, South Africa

23rd–26th November 2009

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