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Table 4 Survival at 1 year in six groups of bystander-witnessed OHCAs where bystanders performed CPR on their own initiative

From: Misplaced links in the chain of survival due to an incorrect manual for the emergency call at public facilities

Category Interval from call to bystander CPR Considerable delay of emergency call
   No Yes
Call first or CPR first    
   (interval from collapse to call <6 min) (interval from collapse to call ≥6 min)
Call first with considerable delay of CPR >3 min, n/total 0/5 (0%) 0/20 (0%)
Standard call first with small delay of CPR 0–3 min, n/total 7/94 (6.6%) 0/10 (0%)
CPR first <0 min, n/total 2/54 (1.9%) 0/9 (0%)
  1. Difference in 1-year survival between standard call first and CPR first groups (shadowed boxes) was not statistically significant (p = 0.487, Fisher’s exact probability test).