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Table 3 Recommended skillset for a disaster communications expert

From: Preparing for effective communications during disasters: lessons from a World Health Organization quality improvement project

Recommendations N(percent)
Professional skills  
 Managerial skills: able to lead a communications team to coordinate a communications strategy 18 (70%)
 Effective writing and editing skills 15 (58%)
 Media relations experience 12 (46%)
 Analytical skills: able to synthesize large volumes of technical information into concise common language 3 (12%)
Technical skills  
 Photography and videography: able to record and edit 24 (92%)
 Public health literacy 12 (46%)
 Computer proficiency 6 (23%)
 Working use of English and preferably the local language 7 (27%)
Interpersonal skills and helpful personality traits  
 Team player: able to work on a team with people from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds 14 (54%)
 Diplomatic and respectful in complex socio-cultural-political contexts 12 (46%)
 Remains calm under stress 10 (38%)
 Willing to work in hardship conditions 10 (38%)
 Flexible 8 (31%)
 Proactive 6 (23%)
 Able to multi-task 6 (23%)
 Resourceful, able to improvise 4 (15%)
 Able to quickly assess a rapidly evolving situation and act quickly and decisively 4 (15%)