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Table 5 Recommendations to improve communications capacity prior to a crisis

From: Preparing for effective communications during disasters: lessons from a World Health Organization quality improvement project

Recommendation N(percent)
Develop and pre-write or pre-record common public service announcements in multiple languages on questions that frequently arise during crises 7 (26%)
Maintain a database of statistics for various regions and types of crisis 2 (8%)
Maintain lists for all frequently affected countries and regions of the locally trusted media outlets and sources of information 3 (12%)
Maintain email listservs that can be used to rapidly disseminate information to your organization’s employees, international media outlet contacts, government Ministries of Health, and non-governmental organization contacts 3 (12%)
Develop a global network with 24-h cross-coverage by participants from each time zone 2 (8%)
Create a central electronic sharepoint where all of these materials can be accessed by communications officers around the globe when crisis strikes 1 (4%)