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“Road traffic incidents: an emerging epidemic and can we make an epidemic “U” turn?


To assess Knowledge, Awareness, practices regarding road safety measures and consequences of Road Traffic Injuries (RTIs) among medical students of Guntur Medical College and Hospital, Guntur.


A cross-sectional study was conducted among medical students of Guntur Medical College and Hospital using pretested and semi-structured questionnaire in the month of September 2014. The collected data was entered in MS Excel and analyzed by EPI INFO.


Among 206 students interviewed, 166 (80.6%) were females and 40 (19.4%) were males. Among the study subjects, 123(59.7%) drive motorcycles but only 83(40.3%) have a license. Majority 121 (58.7%) had witnessed an accident. 201 (97.6%) out of 206 students knew that wearing helmet is safe, but only 89 (43.2%) wear helmets. Only 30.2% of the study group wears a seatbelt. Most of them, 73 (35.4%), have knowledge of traffic symbols.


This study was done on medical students so it cannot be generalized to the public.


Observations of the study emphasize that there need to enhance knowledge and awareness among medical students through education training to curb the epidemic of RTIs.

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