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Table 1 Selected global health priorities related to emergency care

From: Aligning emergency care with global health priorities

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) (2015–2030) - 17 development targets agreed upon by all United Nations member states
- Targets related to emergency care include: 3.1–3.9, 11, and 16
World Health Organization 5-year workplan (2019–2023) - Endorsed by the World Health Assembly in May, 2018
- Transforms the World Health Organization around 3 major goals:
1 billion more people benefitting from Universal Health Coverage
1 billion more people protected from health emergencies
1 billion more people enjoying better health and well-being
Universal Health Coverage (UHC) (2015–2030) - Incorporated into the SDGs (3.8) and the WHO workplan
- UHC enables everyone to:
Access high-quality services that address the most important causes of disease and death
Be protected from the financial risk of accessing those services