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Table 1 Broad skill areas identified in the survey

From: A dignitary medicine curriculum developed using a modified Delphi methodology

CategorySpecific skills
1- Executive healthIntegrating the dignitary into the medical system
Concierge medical practice skills
Written care plans
Coordination of care at home and while traveling
Attention to the unique psyche and needs of dignitaries
Being in proximity to the dignitary
2- ProtectiveBasic EM and disaster skills
Threat assessment
Disaster training and drills
Security umbrella
Medical evacuation
Motorcade operations
Design and upkeep of medical kits and go bags
Medical risk and threat assessment
Clinical competencyMaintenance of clinical skills
Active medical practice
Active certifications
Continuing medical education
Wellness and longevityGeneral wellness program
Understand guideline-based preventive care
Personalized care plan for the patient
Preventive care, such as vaccines and travel medicine
LeadershipMaintain certifications for all staff
Communication skills with the media
Crisis management
Team management
TechnologyElectronic record keeping and security
Point of care diagnostics