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Table 2 Fears and concerns of participants in performing CPR and using AED

From: Improving perception and confidence towards bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation and public access automated external defibrillator program: how does training program help?

VariableNumber of cases where post-training score > pre-training score (mean rank)Number of cases where post-training score < pre-training score (mean rank)z valuep value
Fears and concerns
 Infection from performing CPR2463− 4.342< 0.001
 Injuring victim due to performing CPR8100− 8.502< 0.001
 Injuring own self due to performing CPR1563− 5.380< 0.001
 Injuring victim due to using AED9100− 8.451< 0.001
 Injuring own self due to using AED1175− 6.642< 0.001
 Getting sued due to performing CPR8108− 8.847< 0.001
 Getting sued due to using AED9107− 8.517< 0.001
  1. Note: the higher the score, the more concerned the participants