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Table 1 Assessment checklist

From: Learning process of ultrasound-guided Ilio-fascial compartment block on a simulator: a feasibility study

Boxes Steps Acquired Not acquired
1. Preoperative consult Knowledge and compliance for contraindications   
Explanation of the procedure and obtaining consent   
2. Technical aspects Choice of ultrasound probe   
Correct preset selection (loco-regional anesthesia)   
3. Asepsis Physician’s clothing   
Preparation of syringes (2 × 5 ml saline serum)   
Preparation of the probe   
Correct cleaning of the site   
Sterile gel for the puncture area   
4. Ultrasound guidance and anatomical identification Correct orientation of the probe   
*Anatomical and sono-anatomical landmarks   
*Ideal trajectory and in-plane progression   
Stability of the probe throughout the procedure*
*− 2 = low stability/+ 2 high stability
− 2, − 1, 0, + 1, + 2
5. Hydro-dissection procedure Visualization of the needle tip throughout the procedure   
Suction before injection   
*Identification of the injection area, injection of 2 × 5 cc (syringe change), and visualization of fascia detachment   
Ultrasound-guided FICB   
Number of breakthroughs