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Table 1 Assessment checklist

From: Learning process of ultrasound-guided Ilio-fascial compartment block on a simulator: a feasibility study




Not acquired

1. Preoperative consult

Knowledge and compliance for contraindications


Explanation of the procedure and obtaining consent


2. Technical aspects

Choice of ultrasound probe


Correct preset selection (loco-regional anesthesia)


3. Asepsis

Physician’s clothing


Preparation of syringes (2 × 5 ml saline serum)


Preparation of the probe


Correct cleaning of the site


Sterile gel for the puncture area


4. Ultrasound guidance and anatomical identification

Correct orientation of the probe


*Anatomical and sono-anatomical landmarks


*Ideal trajectory and in-plane progression


Stability of the probe throughout the procedure*

*− 2 = low stability/+ 2 high stability

− 2, − 1, 0, + 1, + 2

5. Hydro-dissection procedure

Visualization of the needle tip throughout the procedure


Suction before injection


*Identification of the injection area, injection of 2 × 5 cc (syringe change), and visualization of fascia detachment


Ultrasound-guided FICB


Number of breakthroughs