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Table 1 Laboratory data on admission

From: Euglycemic diabetic ketoacidosis caused by canagliflozin: a case report

Biochemical analysis
Blood gas analysisReference rangeBiochemistryReference range
pH6.8287.380–7.460BUN18 mg/dL8–20 mg/dL
PaCO211.4 mmHg32.0–46.0 mmHgCre2.02 mg/dL0.65–1.07 mg/dL
PaO2176.0 mmHg74.0–109.0 mmHgNa143 mEq/L138–145 mEq/L
HCO31.9 mmol/L21.0–29.0 mmol/LK4.6 mEq/L3.6–4.8 mEq/L
BE− 31.3 mmol/L− 2.0–2.0 mmol/LCl107 mEq/L101–108 mEq/L
Lactate3.3 mmol/L0.44–2.13 mmol/LCRP5.78 mg/dL≤ 0.14 mg/dL
Urinalysis  HbA1c6.7%4.9–6.0%
 Glucose4 + 3-hydroxybutyric acid> 10,000 μmol/L< 74 μmol/L
  1. Abbreviations: pH power of hydrogen, PaO2 partial pressure of arterial oxygen, PaCO2 partial pressure of arterial carbon dioxide, HCO3 hydrogen carbonate, BE base excess, BUN blood urea nitrogen, Cre creatinine, Na sodium, K potassium, Cl chloride, CRP C-reactive protein, HbA1c glycated hemoglobin