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Table 1 Selection criteria

From: The effect of a telephone follow-up call for older patients, discharged home from the emergency department on health-related outcomes: a systematic review of controlled studies

Category Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Population Patients aged 65 years and older, discharged from the ED to an unassisted living environment. Patients aged under 65 years; Patients discharged from the ED to an assisted living environment
Intervention Telephone follow-up call by health care professional after ED discharge Any other kind of transitional care; Telephone follow-up not conducted as independent intervention; Telephone follow-up calls by others than health care professionals.
Control condition Usual care or patient satisfaction survey telephone call  
Outcome measures Any health-related, patient-oriented outcome, including: Outcomes not health-related or patient-oriented
Health services utilization, including ED return visits, hospitalization, follow-up visits
Physical health outcomes, including level of activities of daily living, independence
Psychosocial health outcomes, including quality of life, mood, satisfaction
Other patient-oriented outcomes, including treatment adherence, knowledge of disease and symptom management
Setting Discharged from hospital-based ED Discharged from hospital ward or primary care setting
Study type Case-control or (randomized) controlled clinical trials Uncontrolled studies