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Table 2 Response bag components

From: EMS operation in a female restricted university, Saudi prospective

Bag compartment


Outer front compartment (airway)

OPA, NPA, suction catheter, Yankauer suction

Outer left compartment (breathing)

Oxygen nasal cannula, adult & pediatric; face mask, adult and pediatric; nebulizer kit, non-rebreather masks, adult & pediatric; oxygen tubing

Outer right compartment (PPE)

Disposable gloves, disposable mask, goggles, isolation gown, sterile gloves, hand sanitizer

Inner top-left pouch (misc.)

Band-aid, eye pad, triangular bandage, thermal blanket, trauma shears

Inner top-right pouch (IV supply)

IV cannula, butterfly cannula, syringes of all sizes, needles of all sizes, IV set, IV dressing, gauze 2 × 2, hypoallergenic plaster, Betadine Swabsticks

Inner main compartment 01

Bag–valve–mask device

Inner main compartment 02 (dressing supply)

Nursing pack dressing, gauze 4 × 4, irrigating solution, Betadine Spray, underpads, SAM Splint, armsling, Chest Seal

Vital signs monitoring

Digital thermometer, BP apparatus, adult, pulse oximeter

Inner main compartment (medications)

0.9% normal saline (500 mL), Ringer’s lactate (500 mL), D5 water (500 mL), activated charcoal suspension, albuterol, MDI, Atrovent nebule, chewable aspirin; epi-pen, adult; epi-pen, pediatric; ibuprofen tablet, paracetamol tablet, nitroglycerin tablet, Flamazin gel, Voltaren gel

  1. PPE personal protective equipment, MDI metered drug inhaler, IV intravenous, OPA oropharyngeal airway, NPA nasopharyngeal airway