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Table 3 Summary of recommended modifications for the pilot symptom list

From: Calibrating a chief complaint list for low resource settings: a methodologic case study

Added Removed Modified Unmodified
Back pain Abscess High blood pressure Weight loss/wasting
Burn Bleeding from injury Abnormal heart rate Fever/chills
Joint or limb pain
(includes swelling)
Foreign body from Injury Coughing/vomiting blood Abnormal glucose
Genital problem—complaint of penis, testicle or vulva
(includes sexual assault)
Foreign body—Inhaled Confusion Headache
Suspected tuberculosis Pain Urinary problem Speech problem
Unresponsive Suspected flu / cold Ear/nose/mouth problem Eye problem
Bloody diarrhea
Poisoning/ingestion/medication problem Unable to eat Non-bloody diarrhea Cough
Rectal problem Shortness of breath Constipation Chest pain
  Focal weak/numb Limb weakness/facial droop Suspected HIV
  Medication Issue Generalized weakness or fatigue Suspected malaria
  GU complaint Alcohol or drug related problem Abdominal pain
   Fits/seizure Foreign body—swallowed
   Fainting or dizziness Nausea or vomiting
   Suspected cancer/mass Vaginal bleeding
   Pregnancy problem Fracture or deformity
   Wound from injury Difficulty walking
   Rash/skin problem Jaundice
   Breathing problem Psychiatric illness or suicidal